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Using Shellnet


Here's a quick image of Shellnet in action:


Using Shellnet

Because Shellnet is a web wallet, all you have to do is go to the website to interact with your wallet

Creating a Wallet/Signing Up

To create a wallet, go to the signup page

Choose a username, and a strong, rememberable password to go along with it.
If someone gets access to this password, they get access to your funds on Shellnet!

Opening a Wallet/Logging In

To login to your wallet, go to the login page

Enter the username and password you chose when signup up and press LOGIN:


Viewing Wallet Address

Your wallet's public address is available under Wallet Info next to Address on the home screen:


To copy it to your clipboard, press the small icon next to it.

Exporting Keys

Each TurtleCoin wallet is essentially, just a pair of keys (View Key and Spend Key) from which the public address is derived. It is very important to export these keys and back them up somewhere that is safe and secure (meaning somewhere reliable/permanent that no one else can access).

In the event of a lost or corrupted wallet file, computer crash, etc., the View Key and Spend Key are the only way to restore a wallet and recover the funds it holds.

DO NOT SHARE IT WITH ANYONE. Anyone who has these can access your funds and has complete control over your wallet.

To view your keys, click on the export keys button in the top left.


Confirm your password when prompted

Your Private Spend and View key will now be displayed:


Viewing Wallet Balance

Your wallet's balance is available under Wallet Info next to Available on the home screen


Sending TurtleCoin Transactions

To send Turtlecoin; under Send Transaction on the home screen:

  • Enter the address to whom you want to send some TRTL to

  • Enter the amount of TRTL you want to send

  • Enter the payment ID if the recipient has provided one. Check the payment ID section if you're not sure when/how to use it

  • Enter an optional message to go along with it. If you'll be tipping a Streamer, this is highly recommended.

After that, click SEND

Verify that the amount and address are correct, and click CONFIRM to send; if something is amiss, press anywhere else to remove the dialogue.

Know that there is a 6.66 TRTL fee charged by the web wallet


transfer confirm

Payment ID

Because transactions on the TurtleCoin blockchain are privatized, in some situations a payment ID is necessary for the recipient to be able to determine where the payment came from, for instance when depositing to an exchange or other service.

You need it if you're sending TRTL to an exchange.

To send a transaction with a payment ID, enter it in the Enter Payment Id... field


Note that typically, the service/recipient will generate and provide the required payment ID.

Logging Out/Exiting the Wallet

To log out of Shellnet, simply click on the logout button on the top left on the home page


Deleting your Account

To delete your account, click on the delete account button on the top right.

It confirm that you want to delete your account; save your keys before deleting your account so that you can access your TRTL again!
To go ahead with deleting your account, press the CONFIRM button


After deleting, you will be redirected to the home page

Recovering your Wallet

It is currently not possible to import your wallet in Shellnet, and is not planned.

Tipping Streamers

Due to Shellnet's Message field, you can send tips to streamers with Shellnet, utilizing TwitchTurtle!

To learn more, check out TwitchTurtle

To learn more about tipping streamers, and getting tipped if you are one, see the docs.
It's a very painless process and only takes a few minutes!