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Using trtlbot++

Registering your Wallet

Go to the #bots channel in the Discord server, and type .registerwallet TRTL..., and replace TRTL... with your wallet address.

For example, you would type-

.registerwallet TRTLv3pFrFm2yk4cYNtKf5fxV1b594tNrZfEV2CYWJsTSqr9BWoWMrUNpQaeD9StrzQrxpRQKPCdd1FfvT6D6dAg4pY6iB7sqsG

Depositing Turtle

After your wallet address has been registered, type .deposit in the #bots channel, then:

  • Check for a new direct message from trtlbot++
  • Copy the line of code he gives (excluding the Integrated Address:) and enter that as the address of the recipient

No Payment ID!

CLI Wallet

Follow the steps given here and replace the value of the address with the one provided.

GUI Wallet

Follow the steps given here and replace the value of the address with the one provided.


Expected Results

When the bot receives the payment, it will send you a PM letting you know. Now you can tip people!


Checking your Balance

Before you can tip, you need to know your balance. Your balance is the amount of TRTL you have in your tipjar wallet to tip to others.

To check your balance, type .balance. trtlbot++ will PM you with how much balance you have remaining in your tipjar wallet.


If it shows 0.00, then make sure you have deposited some TRTL and it has been received

Tipping People

To tip someone, type .tip 12345 @person.

Replace 12345 with how much you want to tip the person.
Replace @person with whom you want to tip it to.

For example, .tip 1 @RockSteady#7588 will tip the user called "RockSteady" 1 TRTL.

The minimum you can send is 0.01 TRTL, and the bot will take an extra 0.1 TRTL on top of what you tipped to account for fees
So if you tipped 1 TRTL, 1.1 TRTL will be pulled from your account so that the full 1 TRTL reaches the recipient

Adding a Message when Tipping

The syntax for tipping someone is- .tip 12345 @person

  • Trying to add a message before it, will not work.
    For example,
hey .tip 1 @RockSteady#7588

will not send RockSteady 1 TRTL.

  • Trying to add it on a seperate line in 1 message will not work.
    For example,
    heyo there.
    I'm tipping you
    .tip 1 @RockSteady#7588

will not send RockSteady 1 TRTL.

  • Trying to add a message after it will will work.
    For example,
.tip 1 @RockSteady#7588 hey

will send RockSteady 1 TRTL

  • Trying to add a message after the command on a separate line in an existing message will work.
    For example,
    .tip 1 @RockSteady#7588
    will send RockSteady 1 TRTL.

  • Trying to add a message between the amount and the recipient will work.
    For example,
.tip  1 hey @RockSteady#7588

will send RockSteady 1 TRTL.

  • If you make a typo in the command, and try to edit the message to fix the typo, it will not work.

Basically, keep these in mind-

  • Any text must go after the command
  • It may also go in between the amount and recipient
  • Trying to edit the command will not work

Tipping with Emojis

Reacting with the emoji 99 on someone's message will tip them 99 TRTL.

If someone has tipped someone, then reacting with tip on the message on which they tipped the person (.tip 1 @RockSteady#7588) will send the recipient (in this case, RockSteady) the same amount he was originally tipped (in this case, 1).
So the recipient (RockSteady) gets 2 TRTL.

Reacting with tip on a message where in a person was tipped with the emoji 99 will not tip the original poster of the message 99 TRTL.
You can react with the emoji 99 (again) however, to tip the person 99 TRTL.

Tipping Multiple People

The syntax for tipping multiple people is- .tip 1 <@person1 @person2>

For example, .tip 1 @RockSteady#7588 @bebop#2640

This will tip RockSteady and bebop 1 TRTL each (it will not divide the 1 TRTL in between the 2).

The bot will still pull a fee of 0.1 TRTL extra from your balance.

This can be used to tip - so far - an unlimited amount of people, given that you have enough balance.
The bot will PM you after it has sent the payments to everyone, letting you know the TX Hash, your updated balance, and how many people it sent it to, along with the number of -

  • successful payments (the recipient had registered their wallet and the payment was successfully sent)
  • unsuccessful payments (the recipient had not registered their wallet and/or the payment was not successfully sent)

If you tip multiple people, some who have registered their wallets and some who haven't, the bot will react with 99 and 🆘 for both(only once).
However, it will not let you know whose wallet has not been registered, simply the amount of people it did send it to (so you can deduce the number of people it was not able to send to by subtracting the number of successful payments from the number of people you tipped).

Sadly, trying to tip "Roles" (like @dev-turtle, @everyone, @here etc) and expecting the bot to automatically tip everyone with that said role won't work, as it has not been programmed to do so :(

Where Do These Tips Go?

When you tip someone, the desired amount plus 0.1 TRTL is pulled from your tipjar wallet balance and sent to the recipient's registered wallet (if he has not registered a wallet, he cannot receive tips).

When you get tipped, the sender sends the desired amount plus 0.1 TRTL, pulled from his tipjar wallet balance, directly to your registered wallet (if you haven't registered a wallet, you can't receive tips).
It also reacts to the message on which the person was tipped (.tip 1 @RockSteady#7588) with moneywings.

It does not send the TRTL to your tipjar balance. It sends it directly to your wallet.

However, you can redirect tips that you receive from others with .redirecttips to have tips go directly to your tip balance (you still have to have registered a wallet however)

  • If you try to tip someone who isn't registered, the bot will react with 🆘 and PM them with instructions on how to register their wallet and tip.

Security of trtlbot++'s tipjar (wallet)

trtlbot++ was created by @krruzic(@madk#1044 in the chat) and then rewritten by @BrandonT42(@Canti#6146), but hosted by krruzic still. When he was asked about the security of trtlbot++'s wallet, he said-


the wallet is pretty secure. All ports are closed except 80, whatever minecraft is and my SSH port. The SSH has no root login and only two valid keys. One of the keys is for an account that has no permissions to go anywhere but one folder (I may revoke this key) [This key has since been revoked]. There are other security features but I don't want to reveal any possible attack surfaces by accident.

and follows up with-


And if the wallet gets hacked I will refund people's coins.

and ends it with-


I'm not gonna up and run with the tipjar like the doge tipbot guy either :)

So rest assured, trtlbot++'s wallet is extremely secure, and in the rare occasion that anything does happen, you can relax knowing that you'll get it back ;)

Other Commands

trtlbot++ isn't just a tip bot, it's so much more! Here's a table of it's other commands, what each of them do, and how to use them (which aren't explained above).

Name Usage Description
hashrate .hashrate Returns current network hashrate.
height .height Returns current blockchain height.
difficulty .difficulty Returns current network difficulty.
supply .supply Returns current circulating supply.
faucet .faucet Returns information about current amount of TRTL in the faucet's wallet.
updatewallet .updatewallet TRTL... Updates your currently registered wallet address in case of a change(is not a replacement for .registerwallet TRTL... ).
wallet .wallet @<user> PM's you with the wallet address of the user tagged(.wallet @Sajo8#2953). If you type only .wallet it will PM you with your own wallet address.
marketcap .mcap Returns current Market Cap. Cannot be used in the main TurtleCoin Discord, only in the Market one.
price .price Returns current price. Cannot be used in the main TurtleCoin Discord, only in the Market one.

That's it! Enjoy tipping and getting tipped :)