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How and Why was TurtleCoin Created?

TurtleCoin was created on December 9th, 2017 by RockSteady and Bebop.

It was born from the idea that there were too many projects out there, which despite having no real product, were bringing in tons of funding.

TurtleCoin decided to do it the opposite way. It's goal is to create a fun project which is easy to use and then let it grow on its own. We have a strong belief in our no-funding strategy; if we make a cool product, the value will create itself.

TurtleCoin was created with No Pre-Mine, No ICO, and No Shenanigans.

Our Background

Most of us are full-time developers on other projects, and this is our way to give back to the community with something fun.

We also have a wide range of people in the community, people from all walks of life that contribute to the community one way or another.

Our community and dev team are growing by the week and this is what makes the TurtleCoin community so great!